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How to Plan a New Garden Project

August Photo Anne McKeon
I am quite sure that many of you have never gardened before and are coping at present with a new house, new garden project. Frightening I know, but never fear - Anne is here! Seriously though, remember that gardening should be a hobby not a chore! On the other hand, many of you are...

10 Ideas to Revitalise Your Patio

Garden Patio
If you’re looking for patio ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  Patio areas can often be neglected as we focus on nurturing our flower beds and lawns but we want to change that! Normally paved in concrete or similar slabs, the patio garden can sadly be viewed as a wasted space instead of the...

Your July Gardening Checklist with Anne McKeon

The colour blue is in my opinion, a very classy colour adding a sharpness to any garden setting. It conjures up images on the one hand of Mediterranean holidays, azure skies and seas while on the other hand reflects the ‘moody blues’. It is in effect a very versatile colour. Mix with it minor...

Beginners Guide to Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets
Hanging baskets are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour to otherwise bleak walls and fences.  They are also terrific for brightening up decking areas and patios. Creating beautiful hanging baskets is easy when you know how, so we have created this ultimate guide to help you add dimension to your garden. Choosing a...

Your June Gardening Checklist with Anne McKeon

June garden
The garden really is a beautiful and tranquil place to be at this time of year. This year I have been particularly taken by the scents and sounds in my garden. The perfumes seem stronger than usual (maybe I’m imagining that but I that is how I feel about them) and the sounds are more...

Your May Gardening Checklist with Anne McKeon

  All going well, the last of the frosts have left us and it is time to plant drifts of summer bedding plants. These form blankets of colour beside which you can sit during the summer months, drinking cold drinks and chatting with friends. It is probably the most sociable time of year outdoors. The ground...

Remove Green Growth on your Path, Patio, Driveway and Roof

Weed Remove
Although they will not harm the surfaces they grow on, moss and algae growing in your driveway can be unsightly, not to mention making pathways and patios slippery and dangerous in wet weather. It can also make your roof look unkempt, reducing the visual impact of your whole house. In cool damp climates and shady...

Your April Garden Checklist with Anne McKeon

April Checklist
Spring is well and truly here and spring cleaning both indoors and outdoors is the order of the day. My main priority these days is what happens in the garden not in the house and seeing plants coming to life after the winter is a pleasure that is hard to match, for a gardener anyway. I...

Top Tips for Beautiful Roses

Roses are some of the most popular and beautiful flowering shrubs grown. Despite their reputation for being difficult to cultivate, with the correct location, planting procedure and care, your roses should thrive. Planting Roses The key to growing successful rose plants is a good planting location and soil bed. When planting roses it is important to pick...

Five Easy Tips to Achieve the Perfect Lawn

Lawn Care
In most gardens, the lawn brings all of the features together: whatever its size, a well-tended lawn is a great unifier. To maintain a healthy lawn, or to repair a lawn damaged from winter weather, follow the steps outlined below. Mowing It’s vital to cut your lawn regularly as it helps strengthen the grass. Don’t cut...


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